Social media management can be a real pain in the tail.

We know firsthand. We’ve been there, we’ve dealt with the headaches. That’s why we teamed up to solve this all-too-common challenge and help brands reach their full marketing potential with affordable, uncomplicated social media content management. Meet our pack…

After consulting with numerous brands of all sizes, Brooke Fitts and Kimber Severson kept hearing about the same pain point: social media management.

Business owners know that social is important, but they don’t have the time to create or manage it themselves, nor the budget to hire an additional employee or agency to do it for them. And to be honest, most agency models are not set up to provide the type of social support most businesses need.

Brooke Fitts headshot

Brooke Fitts

& Partner

Having the philosophy that brand experience is core to business success, Brooke’s 18+ years of building and marketing digital products in fintech, automotive, and healthcare marketing, catapulted Jodder into its inception. After leading the strategy and execution of multi-million-dollar marketing and brand awareness strategies for hundreds of franchise locations and seeing the challenges small business owners face with having to wear the many hats entrepreneur’s must wear when starting out, creating a solution for making brand awareness easier for them seemed to be a worthy effort.

Kimber Severson

& Partner

As a people-first executive leader, Kimber has built and led teams in delivering brand, marketing, and business development initiatives from startups to multi-billion-dollar organizations over the past two decades. While helping organizations execute corporate strategies, culture transformations, and evolving brands, the repeated need for aligning content strategy and brand story experts with these organizations unfolded the opportunity to use a digital platform to connect content experts with the businesses that need them most.

Milana Semmler

Director of Client Success
& Training

As a social media expert, Milana has spent most of her career teaching businesses how to leverage digital and social media strategies. The familiar complexities of managing dozens of brands digital content made diving into a tool that makes creating and delivering content easier, a clear path. Ensuring clients have a great experience from onboarding, all the way through posting on the socials, Milana’s eye for quality and compliance puts our clients at ease knowing their brand is in good hands.

The true heart of the Jodder pack are our content specialists. We partner and train industry experts on our platform to support our clients' social media content strategies, design, delivery and service. We are extremely proud and excited to create a service that connects content creators and small business owners to deliver consumer brand awareness. Because we believe every business, no matter how small, should be able to tell the world about the great work they are doing.